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RHHP supermarket shopping mastery


Event Date: June 08, 2019 10:00 a.m.

Early Bird Rates:

  • 10.00% until Jun 1, 2019

Learn effective, fast and powerful techniques for healthy supermarket shopping 🛍 at Waitrose, Finchley road.

Rupert will reveal to you how to shop for body composition and health.

Learn the supermarket psychological tactics to get you to buy junk and learn how reading labels with all their hidden ingredients can mean the difference between hitting your health and fitness goal and flopping entirely!

- Semi-private of up to 5 people to provide support and Q and A format

- Educational PDF materials provided including meal plans

- Coffee and a healthy snack provided

- Guaranteed to reduce your shopping time down by half

- Guaranteed to provide you with solutions for eating healthier by making smarter choices for you and your family