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Vita handmade deodorant 30ml


Commercial deodorants contain chemicals which are known to be harmful to your health.

Imagine a deodorant which is actually GOOD for you.

Vita is a premium organic deodorant handmade especially for you which effectively controls odour for all day protection.

All our ingredients are natural and organic certified. Each one of them offers unique qualities:

Corn Starch and Baking Soda neutralize odour and Tea tree oil, known for its powerful antiseptic properties, helps fight odour causing bacteria.

Pure coconut oil is nourishing and softens and soothes your underarms

Vita handmade deodorant is 100% natural and free from chemical and preservatives. It nourishes your skin and keeps your armpits happy all day!!

· 100% natural and handmade

· 24hrs protection

· Environment friendly

· Recyclable stick container made with natural plastic free from BPA, mercury or lead)

· Keep refrigerated when the heat strikes.

If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.

Choose health, chose vita handmade deodorants

I am generally a very sweaty man, especially when I work-out, or, am having to garden or partake in anything more physically exhorting than your usual daily schedule would usually require. I was introduced to 'Vita" handmade deodorants through a contact at my gym and was naturally interested and purchased a supply.

The difference I felt was instant. The most beneficial aspect of this was I didn't realise how 'clogged-up' my under-arms felt and generally uncomfortable skin trying to breath. My sweating, all-over, significantly reduced and my sweat patches under my arms cleared-up during a normal day and were very unnoticeable whilst working out. I ran out of the deodorant during a period of time and had to go back to my old shop brand name product and the reverse affect was nearly unbearable, I just felt so uncomfortable and sticky, and i stopped using anything until my 'Vita' order arrived.

I have recommended it to two of my female friends so far and given them an under-arm stick which they love.

Aubrey Beaumont-Tagg - Events Company Owner